personal journey


I refuse to let any negative comment send me flying to a mind-full of hurt. I also refuse to let anyone who has negative energy let them “rain on my parade”. I love my parade! Anyone want to join me?

A winter’s day full of sunshine and magic. (I live in Northern Minnesota)

Yup, Minnesota right beside a big fat lake. I miss Texas so much right now. The winters here in MN really make you dig deep for some sort of hardiness. Because these winters averavge about 8, maybe. Really the hardest part is right now, when it gets below zero, no it’s not just the wind chill people, “warm” here is 20 degrees.

I always thought people wearing shorts in  the 30’s where absolutely out of their mind. I don’t do that, but really tempature is relative, and well I don’t need a coat in thirty-something degree weather.

Don’t get me wrong I despise the cold, and so the winter REALLY pushes me to my limits and I pray for heat.

Summer will be around soon enough and I get to start growing my plants, indoors, of course! I REFUSE, to let this frigid, artic tundra take me down, I’m punching and clawing my way through this one.

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