Snow in Arizona,Rain In Minnesota

Yes, there is rain, in Minnesota. in January. This is relevent to you, if you knew that this is odd and very rare. This occurence is actually a “god-sent”, in these frigidly, artic winters, RAIN means 32+ weather. I’ve lived in both extremes, Texas, Arizona, and Minnesota.

I do miss those warm temperatures in Texas or the smell of the dessert rain. Can you believe it’s snowing in Arizona? Everything is so switched around. Has the weather become glamorized, in some way. I mean the word, glamorize is a stretch or really does not explain, exactly how the media has made the weather, of all things, something to back “big news”.

Katrina showed us that this is certainly possible. The media has had a “hay-day” with the going-ons of the snow, rain, hurricanes, and so on. The media has definitely capitalized on the sad news that has come the T.V. viewer’s eyes.

Most of all, do we need to scare our audience to get ratings.

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