How to juggle

How do i juggle everything. It seems like I can not strike a balanced

I heard something someone said, and it makes sense. Just don’t put all your eggs in a basket. Spread he things you love. For instance;Take only your top 5 goals and work on steps to meet them. don’t take on too much at once, you will probably fail miserable.

If do the things we enjoy in moderation, we begin to see progress. Small steps do lead to an ultimate goal.

i’ve started by investing small parts of my day to house cleaning. I vacuum the house 3 times a week, yoga for 30 minutes in the morning, studying for school 3 times out of the week for about an hour to two, with a couple of breaks.

Life is chaotic and a simple way to balance is to slow down and complete small beginnings, so that at the end of your week, you feel fulfilled.

Patience is definitely a virtue.

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