personal journey


I am going to school online to become certified as a Medical Billing and Coding specilist. I am half way through and I have lots of drive to complete this by the end of the summer ( I have  96% average).
In July I will also be starting school at The Art Institute In Pittsburgh online. I am more than elated about these future endeavors.
I will be able to get a job as a M.B.C. specialist, which will pay much more than I’m making now and I will start school in a field where I can use my creative side.
I will initially get my Associate Degree of Science (104 credits), specifically Web Design and Interactive Media.Then after finishing that I will get my BA in Science which is a total of 180 credits.
I am totally thrilled.
Each moment is precious and the closer I can get to become everything I want to be, the closer I will be to standing strong!
I have definitely changed my attitude towards school, an education is my way to my true self !


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