No TV no internet

First of all I am married. The wedding was on August the 14th. Amazing. Everything was absolutely perfect. I shed many, many happy tears. Nothing in my life has EVER felt so right. Yin/Yang that is what we are. Joy! Absolution! Nothing has ever top that wonderful… and now I pronounce you Husband and Wife! WOOP!

As it has been a couple of weeks since that blissful day, I have been unfocused. I am trying something out here. I will be deleting the TV for the next 48 hours! I am real excited about that. My husband loves watching TV and I always get sucked in. Well, no more, well for the time being. This is a trial. The first one. September 1st through the 2nd.

Next on my deletion list is the internet. This will start on September the 3rd through the 4th. I will move forward from then to plan out how to drastically minimise the TV and the internet. This is my solution to giving my head some space for other things besides the going ons of Facebook or how I’m going to miss my favorite show. I have books! I need to study! I will break my creative block down.

Life is messy, so I am making my mind less chaotic, more fluid and vivid.

One thought on “No TV no internet

  1. I really like the style you’ve selected for your blog! The energy yet peace of the design is great. I also like the longer meditative posts interspersed with shorter thoughts. All are valuable.

    My advice to a new blogger is to just keep going. (also my advice to a newly married…ha!) Some days you will not post, but I think try to go “out there” at least once a week is good practice.

    You have a lovely writer’s voice.


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