personal journey



Jan 11, 2011 Suffering,Compassion,Love.


I will no longer look behind me nor will I look ahead. If all that really counts is this moment than I will no longer look behind me nor will I look ahead. If all that really counts is this moment than I can no longer take this time for granted.
The drama in my life is predominate over any wonderful events or moments. Which brings me to another point; why would anyone want to read positive or good feelings over tragedies and heart breaks? The balance between good and bad happenings is what is making my life seem chaotic and unconnected. Finding a balance between the two is harder than just being negative and as well-being positive in the face of adversity. Its has been a struggle which has brought so much suffering in my spirit.

My suffering is felt by many, not in a sense that MY suffering but anyones. While I gaze in the eyes of terror, I somehow find the light. This luminous strength does bring such a thick slab of wisdom. If I can dig in my suffering, I know I can find my wondrous skies of stars.
With every beat of my heart a moment is passing than I may or may not remember. I can say that in my past I have been full of toxicity. Negatives feelings boiled in my heart and left heat that could only be extinguished with fluids of love and compassion. 
If I could not treat my soul with kindness, how was ever going to treat others with love or compassion. Small gestures of loveliness and beauty is never hard to see. These gifts have always been there for me or anyone to receive.

I see this moment now. It is clear, without distraction that love is all you need and not in the conventional way of having someone love you, (although without that my life would never be complete) but the love you give to yourself. When you feed your heart and soul, it springs from you unto others.

I am on my life’s journey to feed myself unconditional love by doing so it lives outside of me.
Only seen in struggles and often it is impossible to drag myself away when I am in deep, but the light at the end of tunnel presents itself in truth.

I have dug a grave in my soul but now I fill it with moments of love, compassion, truth and wisdom.



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