Type 1

Charlie and I on our wedding day.

My husband has Type 1 Diabetes.  He was diagnosed at the age of 5. He battled for HIS LIFE throughout  his twenties. In his early twenties he lost his eyesight for  some time. He eventually gained his vision back in his left eye but he lost his right eye. His kidneys started to fail and then under emergency circumstances he started dialysis– an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with renal failure. He did this (dialysis) at home for about six years, which is astounding that he did it without any help. After 6 years of waiting, he had a kidney transplant.

His battle still continues. He takes a load of medication to keep him alive. He sees many specialist. This is an ongoing fight. There is no cure for Type 1.

I am telling Charlie’s story so that someone with Diabetes can see what it can do. Diabetes is a silent killer.  I am a HUGE advocate of the American Diabetes Association. They are so close to a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. I hope that anyone that reads this can tell his story or tell their own, so that this killer is not silenced.

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