i feel it grow like a tumor. evil things are infecting me,unforgiving and relentless they are. pumping through my valves to sicken my every organ,it bides its time making its way to my heart 

thousands of stiches repaired wounds, a fortress of scar tissue the protects my heart’s fragile state 

i feel it coming fast now,enveloping my valves quickly,emerging through shallow pores,it burns and splits me. this sickness of betrayal  is testing my afflicted heart

can i keep this disease under control? what remedy do i need? A shot of fast acting love,dripping in a tube furiously on its way to cure me. this love thickens my weaken heart. warm and heavy morphine, a simple supply will make this better…

this disease does not leave,the fast acting medicine does not heal

my infecting and haunting memories, violent and untamed. this place is far away from love. i can not escape these thoughts. a dark never ending hole of pain. it will never be filled and i can never forget.


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