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This year 2012

So this year has been a challenge at best. Without meditation and studying/practicing Tibetan Buddhism i would definitely gone way off-balance.

i believe the gift of the present moment is most important on my journey; into a realm of consciousness. As it has always brought me back to center. The auspicious place that holds my center. In this “center” i only see what is in front of me. Time disappears as time is not relevant. I have gained much patience,clarity and in particular grace.

As time passes by in this world. i grow. Grace has shown me how to let go and forgive. Grace has provided me with the ability to give my pain compassion. It has given me a sense of stability in times when i just don’t believe i can make it.

In times of clarity in meditation, it resonates through me and follows me through out my days growing into solace/peace. The gift of silence or guidance from my “inner self” is absolution. i do not doubt.

When seeking to find the meaning of life through-out this year. i have grown in this way-i do not seek to ask anymore because the answer is always there in the center or the truth. In each second i could not find the “reason” solely because it is within my meditations that i see the journey. A ride to see,bringing your awareness to the simple breathe that flows in and out of us. It is our life-force our energy.

Sometimes I forget that,but when i sit and i do not seek but i just sit,

i know then that this IS where the journey takes place. In all its grace,peace,timelessness,compassion,forgiving,letting go,awareness of pain and to give love. To be. Be.

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