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Soldiers walking in field carrying colleague

Soldiers walking in field carrying colleague

Today I dedicated my meditation to all the soldiers and vets everywhere. If you have never been there you can never know the darkness that a vet will bring home with them.

I placed my heart out there for all the solders and vets. I took in all the darkness that I can imagine, hoping that I could ease the darkness that overcomes them everyday. Please give your heart to these Vet and Soldiers rather they are Americans or from other nations. We all beckons of light. Please take a moment today to give love to them.

War is obviously not the solution BUT it is what it is. I believe we should empathize with these brave creatures that have to go out there while we sit at home and never know the dread and sorrow of the battlefields.

I Posted this because I watched a  documentary about PTSD and suicide-WarTorn 1861-2010

I have always supported our troops. I don’t believe in war. It is obvious what is does to humanity PERIOD. The battle is not fought by arguing if war is good.,that is just a contradiction. It is about having empathy towards all humans. As we all are fighting a war somewhere around the world. It is not just American troops it is everywhere.

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