personal journey / rants

Checking out for the day…

I need to let it out. I am holding on to something that I can not understand.
I can not hold it in my hands.
I can not feel in on my skin.
In my head I want nothing more than to be with you.
How far can I stretch?
When will this end? Where are we headed?
I am angry…I haven’t admitted that to myself.
I didn’t want to admit that I’m scared.
I am holding to this tethered rope.
Don’t let go. I’m not sure how far I’ll fall.
Holding on tight I look back…got nothing behind me but air.
I’ve got nothing more to give. I’ve given everything to this.
In every moment I,two,three…..
…don’t suffocate now…. breathe….breathe,,,,breathe
Its ok to scream…its ok to feel
Its ok to cry….don’t hold it in.

I am just being real.
Being free to feel ashamed,hurt,cursed,unwanted,unloved,fucked up.human….yup human…this means nothing is always perfect….and if it exist I don’t want that world
Those people are made of metal. Harder than rocks pretending that life is perfect.

In truth-At least I can feel

One Republic-Feel Again

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