I can’t think straight because my heart is hurting. I think I do so much for so many people. It’s a slippery slope. Going up then down. Keeping strong,smiling enough….when I love myself…I know this not making any sense….it’s my heart. When I give to an extent and no one says thank you. I know I’m pitying myself. But why aren’t allow to? Do I have to be made of steal. When the person closest to me shuts out,it cuts deep. When every precious part of my positive energy is neglected, seemingly tossed away because he’s in his own head. I have to love myself. It seem so easy to tell other people that but when I need someone. No one is there. I don’t push people away. I’m crying this hurts. It never gets easier. 

  I can’t stop crying maybe I don’t want anyone to see me this way. I’m I the only one? I understand myself. I’m so heart broken. If my philosophy in life is flawed. My mantra-give to others, so you can give to yourself.is this stupid and niaeve of me? I’m talking myself. Trying understand why. 

I wish I didn’t feel so alone. When it really counts where is anyone? My emotions are raw and untamed right now. 

Someone tell me…I’m I too sensitive, should I be this deep? 

I guess this is up to me. I just can’t stop crying, when the only person I try to be there for pushes me away. When will I get my day? I can’t tell you why I’m breaking but just know that I love myself….I just wish there was someone listening to me. 

Heart broken.




3 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. You are definitely not alone. There are people out there that are probably going through a similar feeling or situation as you. Hang in there and try to remain positive. There is a light at the end of the tunnel as the saying goes. When I’m feeling a little down and depressed, I know this might be different in your situation, but I usually like to go for a walk to clear my head. Sometimes you need to get away from the situation and breathe fresh air. This works for me when I can go for a walk, otherwise, crying helps too. There is nothing better than crying every emotion you feel. You are human after all and it’s completely normal to be sensitive. Cheer up! 🙂
    Caryl – http://carylalmelor.com


    • Thank you!
      I use this as a personal journal so whatever comes out is what is going on in the post.
      I’m a pretty positive person. My health has declined rapidly (I was diagnosed with endometriosis), as this is a VERY VERY VERY physically painful disease.
      So loosing a lot of my abilities to do seemingly “normal” tasks I.e. standing too long,sitting,washing my hair,washing the dishes…very small things.
      This has been a very wicked disease and there is no cure and the information out there about endometriosis is incorrect and outdated.
      Anywho this was a “bad” human moment that I had to release.
      Thank you so much Hun!
      Much love!


  2. My name is Joe and in 2010 I went to a mountain resort called the cavern and I met this girl named Hanna and we fell in love and we were together for a week. Then she went home one day and all I knew was her name was Hanna, the reason for this is we were so young we were 9. 4 years later I am still heartbroken and cry uncontrollably sometimes and get nightmares and I am so broken and empty. Most peoples heartbrokeness goes away after a while if they broke up or were rejected but if you were parted without contact and minimal knowledge but pure love, the pain is unbairable. Maybe someone in a similar situation could email me and we could chat. Not many people know such pain and it is a great comfort to talk with someone who does. Boywhocares1@gmail.com


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