My natural instinct has always been to share my feelings.

I’m not shy about that,not ever. So, ill form these feelings by art chained by deep words, sore feelings and in the moment…An awareness in a snapshot.

Today I had to show restraint. it has required a great deal of endurance to push away what I know is real. My inner intuition, my compass, my heart is spinning in all directions.

What I need or want, what I feel or think, what I am or what I am not….. how do I go against the tide of this magnetic force?  Wavering over this, my intuition is suffacating.

Vibrations flying in anarchy. Scolding my soul, searing  a  scarlet scar. Shoving me …. A moment sealed in pounding passion.

Drowning in the silence.Piercing volumes, booming vibrations sending waves of kinetic energy. A compass slides it’s arrow back …..in Gforce momentum….Swift,sharp and severing it’s target.

The air is filled with every wave that is continuing to move forward. Positioning winds …..sounding out its howl. Using my last breathe……You.

Pitch perfection in silence. I say nothing ….

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