love is infinite not finite

In this world we can only begin to elevate as we learn that our physical presence is only a piece of who “we” are. We are made of complex energies that are swirling around , bouncing and crashes in to each other.

These particles of energy are just as “real” as the skin you pinch. Our spiritual souls are not just a dream or a mystical mystery, there is proven science that backs the idea that there is more complexity than the eye can see.

We are all made of the same “glue”. Our souls are bound together. WE are ONE. We are ONE in LOVE.

Time is not linear. TiInfinityLOVEme is not absolute. We live in one of many parallel universes. When we see time as humans, we see it as finite. We exist as energies even after our physical body dies. We still love people who existed in their physical bodies. We are capable of loving past death. The only thing can transcend our perspective on reality  is love

Moments are blessings. They capture an event. Look around and “smell the roses”. There is nothing more beautiful than this. Don’t allow life to pass you by.

We are creatures of love, energy and dust. Everything is everything. if you take this perspective that I have shown here, you can see infinity. “I love you forever” is exactly what this all means.

What is real is the human heart. It is the human compass. It will guide you into many different “realities” , states of being and unite the human race.

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