MEDITATION session|always evolving- my touchstone

MEDITATION session-Going from victim to survivor 

I think when you are fighting for yourself, you must focus on being positive. It doesn’t mean you’re fake. It actually is the opposite.

When you are suffering, you will suffer more if you feed that. When you say “ok” that is that ( whatever is in your head when you are meditating.) You may not expect them (intrusive thoughts/memories) but it doesn’t mean that you have push it down. You are encouraging your mind to remap itself by allowing the thought to “be” there. It floats away just like a cloud.

Going from victim to survivor is also a transition. Thus a change, as we do, when we face our demons head on. We move forward with wisdom and strength. Thus bringing us to another fork in the road. As we head towards a life that we feel is in line with the dream we have for ourselves.

Life is whatever YOU what it to be.Its how you react to others, or what happens to you in your life. There are some thingsTouchstones that we have NO control over but we learn how we will deal with those types of events. Life happens.Some people will hold on to an “old you” and not see the truth in you. Because the truth is always evolving.

♥ Your heart will always be your touchstone. ♥

2 thoughts on “MEDITATION session|always evolving- my touchstone

  1. Positive thinking is vital in achieving happiness and inner peace. Indeed you can change so many things within yourself by retraining your mind – ‘remapping it’ – to see the world around you, and within you, in a positive light. Great post, thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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