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Our True “Self”- How the divine has “spoken” to me

When I was a young girl, I knew that love was the only truth, not romantic love, sisterly love or any other sort of love can come with conditions. I knew at this young age that love had no conditions.This happened to me when I was about 15. This was what came first to show me that this world that we reside in can only truly be seen in if the light of love shows its purity and we are able to connect to one another, to our energies that hold no such things as conditions or romance. These ideas are just ways that I became attached to another human, I found that love is in everything and love is pure. That was my first veil that was pulled away from my human mind, thus showing me that love was a string that tethered the divine light in all of “us” as one/together.

The following veil was lifted in the last ten years. I have suffered in my human body. I am now 38. I didn’t understand why, but I do now. As I see the world as follows—>I have been lifted from “myself” more than once. Via experiences physical pain in the body, it has shown me that the body is only a shadow that is “cast” upon me. A light is shown to me each time I “feel” pain. The “body” has taught me where the light of the creation comes from. A simple “place” residing in all of us. A light which in the form of love has an eternal calling that can be heard when all things in this “world” cease and the shadows collapse and there is the light; part of me, part of you, showing its true “face”, full of beauty that is pure and simple.

I still do not know everything. I keep an open heart. In the world we live in, keeping your heart open, is like having a door open to your home, always there to “show” me what is pure. I am far from perfect as a human, so I continue living this gift of life, riding a journey
given to me. Living in this shell. Through the suffering, joy and the gentle in-betweens of either, we are here to find out, ultimately what this life has to offer. I keep my eyes open seeing this beauty given to me and you, guided by love, that sends its healing through our divine self.


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