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Fear and love- The ability to be resilient and not become jaded by life.

Our eternal hope that love will conquer all is true. Love doesn’t drown in pain. Pain derives from. Fear is the opposite of love. Continue reading

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Soldiers walking in field carrying colleague

I Posted this because I watched a documentary about PTSD and suicide-WarTorn 1861-2010 I have always supported our troops. I don’t believe in war. It is obvious what is does to humanity PERIOD.The battle is not fought by arguing if war is good.,that is just a contradiction. It is about having empathy towards all humans. As we all are fighting a war somewhere around the world. It is not just American troops it is everywhere. Continue reading


Yogi Tea Quotes

Gratitude is the open door to abundance. Unite with your own higher self and create a friendship. Don’t sleep counting sheep. Count blessings then sleep. When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen. Patience gives the power to practice;practice gives the power that leads to perfection. Always be pure, simple and honest. Wisdom becomes … Continue reading