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I can’t think straight because my heart is hurting. I think I do so much for so many people. It’s a slippery slope. Going up then down. Keeping strong,smiling enough….when I love myself…I know this not making any sense….it’s my heart. When I give to an extent and no one says thank you. I know … Continue reading

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Fair Weather Friends

Thank you to all my loved ones who have given me love,support and for being patient. I wish I could make this disease go away so I could live my life the way I want to but as it stands, it is not going to happen. I am working on a lifestyle change so I won’t have to take medication(as I hate them myself) or be cut open every year but I’m doing this for myself. I know I’ll make new friends that will understand. I don’t need to live up to other people’s expectation on how one should live their life. Continue reading

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Soldiers walking in field carrying colleague

I Posted this because I watched a documentary about PTSD and suicide-WarTorn 1861-2010 I have always supported our troops. I don’t believe in war. It is obvious what is does to humanity PERIOD.The battle is not fought by arguing if war is good.,that is just a contradiction. It is about having empathy towards all humans. As we all are fighting a war somewhere around the world. It is not just American troops it is everywhere. Continue reading



So I did my 20 minute meditation. My body wasn’t agreeing with me. I don’t want to “fight” this pain(physical)anymore. I am fighting this pain from the Endometriosis everyday. Everyday is different. Every hour is different. Every second is different. Its not my mind that is making me squirm…maybe? I’m not sure. I know that … Continue reading